james arrowsmith

I am sound designer/musician who likes to create music and sounds for meditation, relaxing and healing.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and explore my music and apps.

Growing up in the UK in the 80’s I fell in love with music after my grandfather would spend his days singing and playing his guitar to me. After a fascination with the school piano I tried piano lessons at age 10 but after just two lessons decided it was not for me so went on to teach myself by ear (I still cannot read music). I soon developed a love for synths and it wasn’t long before I was able to save for my first. 

After emigrating to New Zealand with my family as a teenager I went on to collect and noodle with many different synths and also became fascinated with the human mind. I was intrigued by hypnosis and how hypnotherapy/NLP could be used to effectively re-program the mind to positively change behaviours and mindsets. At about the same time I also discovered Steven Halperns’ music and started learning about altered states of consciousness and brainwaves. 

I experimented over the years with binaural beats and tones that I created for myself to help me with my own self-work. I continued with my synth collection and working with different artists for various sound design projects whilst continuing to experiment and study the effect of sound healing and brainwaves which brings us to the current day.

I am now focused on creating music, intertwined with specific tones or tuning that can assist the listener with entering altered states of consciousness.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site and I wish you all the best for your journey…